In Position. (incogneato) wrote in dfw_mothers,
In Position.

Moving to DFW

Hi all - I'm considering moving to DFW in a few months and as a single mom with not so great credit (thank you post divorce spending habits) I'm looking for a place to live that won't break the bank (~1200 monthly). My son splits his time between Dad's place and mine (me in the summer so schools are not a major concern)

I'd be working in Las Colinas and would prefer to stay w/i a 20 mile radius of there, but for the right price I'll definitely drive further :)

I'm specifically looking for a house to rent from an idividual rather than a faceless company who makes decisions solely on credit ratings. I have a great job and pull in a decent income, but have debt that I'm paying off and it leaves the belt pretty tight. I'm pulling myself up by the bootstraps basically.

I'm hoping that some of you may have some suggestions as to where to look for housing.

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